PrControl is a software product, a plug-in, that you can add to Premiere Pro. With PrControl you can use any MIDI controller as a control surface for Premiere Pro. Using a controller can help making editing lumetri and mixing audio more intuitive, comfortable and accurate. It is also a very enjoyable experience.

PrControl makes it easy and affordable to use a controller with Premiere Pro.

In order to use PrControl, you need both Premiere Pro 2019 or newer and a MIDI controller. If you do not own a MIDI controller, you need to purchase one before you can use PrControl.


PrControl Mac €49

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PrControl Windows €49

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Great value for money

MIDI controllers are very affordable compared to controllers especially made for Premiere Pro. You can try PrControl for free, with a time limit each time you use it. When you purchase a permanent license you will receive free updates for at least one year. Updates are often released only a few days after a someone finds something that should work better. New features can often be added in the next update.

Easy to use

PrControl is easy to use, if you have one of the recommended controllers, you only have to plug it in and load the plug-in to start using it.

Fully Configurable

PrControl is fully configurable, and it is easy. During configuration, you simply move a control and click the function you want it to have.

PrControl intro video

This video shows a few of the things you can do with PrControl. A better video is coming soon!

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Get started today!

It's easy to get started with PrControl. The button below takes you to a the quick start guide, which helps you with choosing a controller and installing and using the PrControl plug-in.

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