Using PrControl

On this page you can get an introduction to using PrControl.

PrControl Extension Panel (new in PrControl 1.5)

Open the PrControl Functions panel to view the functions of the controls. The panel starts working as soon as the PrControl control surface plug-in has been loaded. Try pushing a button on the controller. You should see the function appear in the panel.


Panel Content

The panel shows the last function send from the controller, including the value of the parameter. Below that are tables showing the controller functions. When you change the functions, the panel updates automatically. For example when you change the layer, or assign a new function to a control.


Resizing the Panel

When you make the panel narrow, you will automatically see abbreviations of the functions. If there is more content than fits in the panel, you can scroll the panel vertically.


Generate Reference Pages

To see an overview of the currently configured functions for your controller, press the "View Functions" button in the setup dialog. You can use it to plan and verify any changes you want to make to the default configuration. This generated page is printable and has print specific formatting.

Controller Options

If you have a controller that supports the MC-mode protocol, enable that protocol on the controller and set the Controller Mode to MC. If you have an MCU-Pro or X-Touch, the MC mode is used automatically, leave the mode set to Default.

The Import and Export Configuration buttons can be used to backup and restore your configuration. Or to take your configuration to another computer.


Assign Controller Functions

You can view the functions of each control using the extension panel. If you keep the extension panel open while assigning functions, you can keep track of what you are doing. And you can see which controls are still unused.

Open the Assign Functions Dialog from the setup.

Start with operating the control you would like to change, it will appear in the left panel. T hen select the function to assign to it in the right panel. To find a particular function, use the search-box at the top.


Use Interface Commands with Caution

Among the many commands that Premiere Pro accepts, some trigger dialogs, or show certain panels. While these commands generally do what you expect, some can cause Premiere Pro to crash.

Adobe is working on fixing these problems. But if you encounter a crash, be sure to submit the crash reports to Adobe.


The license can be used by you on any of your computers. If you have multiple people using PrControl, every individual must use a separate license. If you use both Mac and Windows, purchase a license for the system you want to use first, Then send an email to get the license for the other platform free of charge.

The Buy button in the PrControl license dialog will take you to the store page.

Control Layers

With PrControl, the sliders, knobs and buttons can have multiple functions. Go to the advanced usage page to learn more.


If you need help or have questions or feedback, please send an email. Also suggestions for improvements are very welcome.

Tutorial Videos

Watch tutorial videos for PrControl.

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