Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find some common problems and what to do about them.

My device is not recognized.

Try resetting your device to factory settings.

On Windows, check that no other application or plug-in is keeping the device busy.

Make sure the controller is plugged in before you launch Lightroom.

The devices have to be recognized by LrControl. Sometimes a device is not recognized because it has a slightly different name. To fix this problem, the plug-in has to know the name.

There is a tool available that will report the names of all the connected midi devices. Send the names by email to the address at the bottom of this page and include details about your controller, your operating system and your Lightroom version.


Download the tool, run it and copy the text in the window into an email.


Download the tool and run it. The tool copies the text with the names onto the clipboard automatically. So after running the tool you can write an email and paste the text into it.

Mac OS : Allow LrControl to control your computer

If you have a Mac and use LrControl you will probably get a system-dialog telling you that peltmade.LrControl wants to control the computer.

If you do not allow this, then more than fifty functions in LrControl do not work.

The permission to control your computer is needed to send simulated keyboard events to Lightroom. In other words, keyboard shortcuts.

To enable these functions, open the System Preferences, Security & Privacy panel, Privacy-tab, Accessibility. Enable the checkbox for peltmade.LRControl. You may need to uncheck and check it again to let it take effect. Then restart Lightroom.

The following functions work by sending keyboard events to Lightroom:

There is no response to controller inputs.

Make sure the develop module is active, as most LrControl functions only work in the develop module of Lightroom.

Try plugging your controller into a different USB port.

Which controller should I get?

If the price and size are OK for you, one of the best controllers at the moment is the X-Touch.

The Platform M and Platform M+ are very good as well. They have high resolution motorized sliders.

The best portable options are the Midi Fighter Twister and the X-Touch Mini

If you want to spend less, the nanoKONTROL 2 is an interesting option. It is small and light and the most affordable controller of the currently supported.

Starting with LrControl 5.2, the Arturia Beatstep is supported. This controller is very good value, you get 17 encoders in a extremely robust controller.

Can you support my controller?

Only the controllers shown on this site work with plug and play functionality. But LrControl does work with most controllers, you only have to assign the functions you want to the controls. Try the generic device mode.

There is also MC mode support. If your controller has MC mode, enable it on the controller and in the LrControl v3.0 or newer setup.

I miss a function.

If you want to use a certain function that LrControl does not have yet, send me an email. I will consider adding it in a future update. Note that not all Lightroom functions can be accessed from plug-ins.

Can the English text be translated?

Yes, starting with version 2, LrControl can be translated into other languages Lightroom supports. If you want to help, send me an email.

Currently LrControl is translated in German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Swedish.