LrControl: Mackie MCU Extender PRO

This device does not have USB, so you can only connect it through MIDI ports on another device, for example the MCU-Pro. The MCU-PRO has three sets of MIDI ports, so you can easily add 3 extenders to one MCU-PRO. When you have an extender connected, you have to enable it and select MC-Extender mode in the LrControl Setup dialog.

Encoders and Faders

Layer 1
EncoderTemperatureTintSaturationSharpnessSharpen RadiusSharpen DetailSharpen Edge MaskingDehaze
Layer 2
EncoderParametric DarksParametric LightsParametric ShadowsParametric HighlightsParametric Shadow SplitParametric Midtone SplitParametric Highlight SplitExposure
Layer 3
EncoderSaturation Adjustment RedSaturation Adjustment OrangeSaturation Adjustment YellowSaturation Adjustment GreenSaturation Adjustment AquaSaturation Adjustment BlueSaturation Adjustment PurpleSaturation Adjustment Magenta
FaderHue Adjustment RedHue Adjustment OrangeHue Adjustment YellowHue Adjustment GreenHue Adjustment AquaHue Adjustment BlueHue Adjustment PurpleHue Adjustment Magenta
Layer 4
EncoderGray Mixer RedGray Mixer OrangeGray Mixer YellowGray Mixer GreenGray Mixer AquaGray Mixer BlueGray Mixer PurpleGray Mixer Magenta
FaderLuminance Adjustment RedLuminance Adjustment OrangeLuminance Adjustment YellowLuminance Adjustment GreenLuminance Adjustment AquaLuminance Adjustment BlueLuminance Adjustment PurpleLuminance Adjustment Magenta
Layer 5
FaderSplit Toning Shadow HueSplit Toning Shadow SaturationSplit Toning Highlight HueSplit Toning Highlight SaturationSplit Toning Balance
Layer 6
EncoderColor Noise ReductionColor Noise Reduction DetailColor Noise Reduction Smoothness
FaderSharpnessSharpen RadiusSharpen DetailSharpen Edge MaskingLuminance SmoothingLuminance Noise Reduction DetailLuminance Noise Reduction Contrast
Layer 7
EncoderGrain AmountGrain SizeGrain FrequencyPerspective Rotate
FaderDistortionVertical PerspectiveHorizontal PerspectivePerspective RotateScaleAspect Ratio
Layer 8
FaderDehazePost Crop Vignette AmountPost Crop Vignette MidpointPost Crop Vignette RoundnessPost Crop Vignette FeatherPost Crop Vignette Highlight Contrast

Channelstrip Buttons

Encoder Press
RECFlag As RejectFlag: RemoveFlag As PickSet Rating 1Set Rating 2Set Rating 3Set Rating 4Set Rating 5
SOLOSelect Layer 1Select Layer 2Select Layer 3Select Layer 4Select Layer 5Select Layer 6Select Layer 7Select Layer 8
MUTEBefore ViewBefore/After HorizontalBefore/After VerticalCopy All Develop ParametersPaste All Develop ParametersReset Last Develop Parameter

Tool Mode

When you use the Graduated Filter tool, the Radial Filter tool or the Adjustment Brush, the faders control the tool parameters. Start with selecting the tool and click in the image to position it. LrControl will automatically detect tool mode and adjust the faders.

EncodersTool TemperatureTool TintTool SaturationTool SharpnessTool Luminance NoiseTool MoireTool DefringeStraighten Angle
FadersTool ContrastTool HighlightsTool ShadowsTool ClarityTool DehazeTool SaturationTool Exposure